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Hari–Harish wrote and directed the 2022 Indian Telugu-language action movie Yashoda. Samantha plays the lead part, and Unni Mukundan, Varalaxmi Sarathkumar, and Murali Sharma also appear in it.

The main filming began in December 2021 and finished in July 2022. Mani Sharma wrote the score for the movie, and M. Sukumar and Marthand K. Venkatesh were in charge of photography and editing, respectively. The movie came out November 11, 2022. The reviews for Yashoda were mixed, but the movie did well at the box office.

Initial release: 11 November 2022
Directors: K. Hari Shankar, Hareesh Narayan
Distributed bySakthi Film Factory
Budget₹30–40 crore
Music byMani Sharma


Yashoda, who works at Zomato, becomes a substitute mother to pay for her sister’s surgery. She is taken to Eva, which is Dr. Madhubala’s modern surrogacy center. Some of the surrogate moms become her friends, and she spends time with them. They all find out that they are all poor and need money.

In the meantime, the local cops are looking into the accident that Shiva Reddy and his girlfriend, Aarushi, were in. They figure out that the murder was planned ahead of time, so the police put Vasudeva IPS in charge of the case. He finds out that Aarushi was a model and checks her emails, mail, and text messages.

He finds out that Aarushi’s friend told her not to push a certain brand of cosmetics because it has dangerous chemicals that scientists don’t know much about. Vasudeva and his group go to meet Aarushi’s friend, but when they get there, they find out that he was killed two days ago.

Vasudeva gets a sample of cosmetic from his house and finds a link to the death of Olivia, a Hollywood star who died after drinking a juice that was poisoned. When he looks into who owns the brand of cosmetics, he finds out that Giridhar, the Central Minister, owns the patent.

After being attacked by people he doesn’t know, Vasudeva finds out that 122 models are coming to India in six months. He finds out that Elena, one of the models, is already there. Vasudev, his team, and Police Commissioner Balram go after her to a bush, but the local tribal people catch them.

Yashoda starts to think that Eva is up to no good when she finds out that her friends Kajal and Leela went missing after having labor pains and having surgery. She is shocked to find out that Eva is not in the city, but was shown to the surrogate mothers through a live-projector. Later, Yashoda sneaks into Zone-2 and fights Jenny, a fellow surrogate who is also a part of the Eva faculty and is pretending to be pregnant.

She wants to kill Yashoda, but Yashoda kills her instead. After that, Yashoda goes to the assets room and finds many boxes full of dead children and surrogate mothers. In these boxes, she finds the bodies of Kajal, Leela, and Leela’s kid.

The security guard, who works for Madhubala, then catches Yashoda. When the guard tries to rape her, she fights him and kills him as well. She then tries to use Dr. Gautham’s badge to get into Madhubala’s cabin to find out more about Eva, but Madhubala stops her.

Madhubala says that she was sick with a disease that made her look old and made her lose her beauty. Gautham helped her by making a drug that fixed her illness. But the drug is only a short-term fix because its benefits only last for six months. Madhubala’s husband, Giridhar, tells her to come up with a new drug and pays for her study.

Back in the present, Madhubala and Gautham are meeting with their investors while Yashoda, who is being held captive in a different room, watches live footage of the meeting. The two people say that the secret ingredient in the drug is the plasma in the fetus, and they pay poor women to carry babies for them as surrogate moms.

After making them pregnant, giving them fake labor pains, and removing the baby with a C-section, they quietly kill the woman and take the plasma.

They finally made the drug and mostly sold it to models, CEOs, and actors who were wealthy. They also say that Olivia died because of a mix of two drugs. They killed Aarushi and Shiva Reddy in the accident after she found out that the same drug was in the beauty brand and threatened to leak it. Vasudeva and his group find out in the jungle that Balram is working with Madhubala and Gautham.

Vasudeva and his group are taken to a den and killed there. Yashoda finds out that Eva is in a forest when she gets there. She gets out through the emergency exit, but Gautham knocks her down and brings her back. Gautham calls Balram, who is holding Vasudeva and his team at gunpoint, with a video call.

Yashoda, on the other hand, holds a gun to Gautham’s head. It turns out that Yashoda is a skilled IPS trainee who has been working underground at Eva. Even though she was the best in her class, she had to find money to join the police force.

Yashoda finds out that her sister Brinda has gone missing one day. She finds out that Brinda became a surrogate mother to get money for her and was taken to Eva.

Yashoda became a foster mother and planned everything from the start in order to find her. Yashoda beats the bad guys and Gautham in a fight, but she gets hit in the stomach, which kills her pregnant child.

In the meantime, Vasudeva and his group beat the tribesmen and kill Balram. Yashoda meets up with some of the other surrogates. She asks them about Brinda, but they don’t know anything about her.

Madhubala tries to get away in a plane, but Yashoda stops her. Madhubala says that she, too, was pregnant, but that she had an abortion to make herself more beautiful and to do more study. When the women find out Madhubala’s real name and what she has been doing, they are angry and push her off the cliff, killing her.

Gautham tries to get away, but Vasudeva and his team catch him. Yashoda comes across Brinda, who is in labor. The women help Yashoda give birth to Brinda’s baby. After that, Giridhar’s part in the crime comes to light, and he is also arrested.


  • Samantha as Yashoda
  • Unni Mukundan as Dr. Gautham
  • Varalaxmi Sarathkumar as Madhubala
  • Rao Ramesh as Central Minister Giridhar
  • Murali Sharma as police commissioner Balram
  • Sampath Raj as Vasudeva IPS
  • Rajiv Kumar Aneja as External affairs minister
  • Shatru as Police Investigation Officer Rishi IPS
  • Manikanth Dunaka as Vamsi, Police Inspector Special Team
  • Madhurima as Care taker Sudhamma
  • Divya Sripada as Leela
  • Kalpika Ganesh as Teju
  • Priyanka Sharma as Kaajal
  • Preethi Asrani as Brinda